Kirsten Brasen. Holmegårdsparken nursing home. Politiken, 2014.

Muhamad Rahman, homeless boy, Dhaka Bangladesh, 2016.

Summer Experiences. Sixth grade from Vibenshus school at this year's camp in Rørvig, Denmark. Politiken, 2014.

Harald Børsting, former Chairman of the Danish Confederation of Trade Unions (LO). Politiken, 2014.

Solveig Jensen, Student at Aarhus university, Denmark. 2012.

Klintebjerg Preechool, school for young people with special needs. Politiken, 2013.

A couple in embrace, last night at Roskilde festival. Politiken, 2014.

Morten Lykkegaard is schizophrenic. He dreams of on day being alone with his own thoughts. Photo story coming.

Morten Lykkegaard. Photo story coming.

Noah is a member of AK81.
A support group for Hells Angels. 2012.

Noah and his girlfriend. 2012.

Noah getting a tatoo. 2012.

Young fisherman on what was previously fishing grounds and river delta around Dhaka, Bangladesh. 2016.

Family dinner. Bøgehegnet, Greve. 2011.

Janni. 2012

Caspar Eric, poet. Politiken, 2014.

Anonymous asylum seeker, Helsingør Denmark. Politiken, 2014.

Exhibition Bakhrushin Museum, Moscow, Russia. Costumes “Jazz, Love and Henderson”, Østre Gasværk Theater, Copenhagen, Denmark. 2012.

Abdullah Gül, former President of Turkey and alleged orchestrator of the attempted 2016 coup d’etat. Politiken, 2014.

Europe's largest arms dealer. Politiken, 2014.

Europe's largest arms dealer. Politiken, 2014.

Europe's largest arms dealer. Politiken, 2014.

Agnes Obel, Singer, Odense Concert Hall. Politiken 2013.

Audience, Roskilde Festival, 2014.

Trentemøller at the Orange Stage, Roskilde Festival, 2014.

Jørgen Leth, Mikael Simpson og Frithjof Toksvig alias Vi Sidder Bare Her. Koncert på Bremen. Politiken 2014.