Peter Klint, born 1985, is a photojournalist based i Copenhagen, Denmark.

Klint has studied photography, art and documentary film at Copenhagen Film & Photo School.
He lived in Dhaka, Bangladesh while studying Art film and Photography at Pathshala South Asian Media Institute.
In 2017 he completed a BA from The Danish School of Media and Journalism and as part of his education, he underwent an 18-month internship as a photographer at the Danish daily, Politiken.
In 2019 he began studies at the author school and publishing house, Gladiator.

He has been dispatched to Russia, Italy, Greenland, Turkey and Lithuania among other and gives talks about these experiences and his methods of storytelling.

Klints awards include a first prize in the Danish Pictures of the Year, bronze at the international Collage Photographer of the Year, and a selection for the Danish exhibition 'Status 15'.
His article 'Best Man' was backed by authors, lecturers and journalists before being considered at the prestigious Danish award 'Cavling'.

The photographic works of Peter Klint has been exhibited at DGI-Byen 2020, Copenhagen Photo Festival 2019 at the art gallery Pavillon No.11, STATUS 15 at The Danish Photomuseum 2016-17, The House of Politikens 2013 and 14, Bakhrushin Theater Museum in Moscow Russia 2014, Danish Press Photo of the Year 2013 (The Royal Danish Library), Copenhagen Photo Festival 2011 and Johan Borups Folk High School 2010.