Peter Klint, born 1985, is a photojournalist based i Copenhagen, Denmark.

Klint has studied Art and Documentary Film and Photography at Copenhagen Film & Photo School.
He lived in Dhaka, Bangladesh while studying Art film and Photography at Pathshala South Asian Media Institute.
In 2017 he completed a BA from The Danish School of Media and Journalism and as part of his education, he underwent an 18-month internship as a photographer at the Danish daily, Politiken.

He has been dispatched to Russia, Italy, Greenland, Turkey and Lithuania among other.

Klints awards include a first prize in the Danish Pictures of the Year, bronze at the international Collage Photographer og the Year, and a selection for the Danish exhibition ”Status 15”.

The works of Peter Klint has been exhibited at STATUS 15 at The Danish Photomuseum 2016-17, The House of Politikens 2013 and 14, Danish Press Photo of the Year 2013 (The Royal Danish Library), Copenhagen Photo Festival 2011 and Johan Borups Folk High School 2010.